The Rare Photos Of Celebrities And Their Kids Showing What Motherhood Is All About

Date December 28, 2017

Being a mother is the most important job a woman does. Maybe it is not right to call it a job, rather a calling, the natural duty which makes a woman stronger. There is nothing we can’t do for our child, and seeing his smile is the most blissful thing in a day.

For celebrities whose life is hectic as in a hive, it is sometimes hard to find spare time for children. But they manage to do it, and these photos are the proof, that motherhood is an amazing journey you and your child share.

Reese Witherspoon found a moment  to enjoy simple food, and have fun at the same time.

Drew Berrymore prefers co-sleeping with her two little daughters.

Jessica Simpson with her daughter love to have fun at the cosmetics store.

The singer Pink was caught by paparazzi, and usually she does not like their shots, this one she posted in her Instagram account, and it is clear why - their genuine smiles are contagious.

Допис, поширений P!NK (@pink)

Jessica Alba love being mommy, she shared the Christmas picture of their family, and commented "Feeling so blessed. and can’t wait to meet our baby boy. Thankful for our beautiful family that celebrated with us today -our smallest family gathering we’ve had in our 14 years together but it was perfect" Being a mother seems to suit Jessica so perfectly well.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake love suiting up for the Halloween, their family look is showing how much fun they have with their little baby.

Kim Kardashian enjoys the lounge time with the little ones, what can be better, right?

Olivia Wild does not mind to ride and laugh with her two kids: "Having two kids under 4 is BATSHIT most of the time but occasionally I get it right and they agree to take me on a carousel ride."

Big and naughty family of Tori Spelling looks very happy together. Tori seems like a wild mom.

Even after a hard day, coming home and hugging your child can be the best medicine against fatigue and stress. Time spending together and common experiences is something children will remember for lifetime, so taking a free moment, be sure to spend it with your kids.

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