4 Useful Tips to Avoid Winter Slips, Trips, and Falls

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December 21, 2017 16:32 By Mambee

Winter time brings magic! Snowy weather often is so long-expected by children and adults. But along with it snow and ice can conceal a hidden danger. You can see people stumble, slip and fall, but you know, you may be on this place too. To protect yourself from an unwanted injury, be careful while stepping on the ice greasy surface.

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1. Choose anti-slip footwear

But honestly, the number one precaution you may take is to choose the right shoes! It may be less practical to wear one pair outside and take an additional pair with you (if you go to work for example), but proper soil of your footwear will protect you and decrease your chances to end up lying prone on the ground.

Look for the textured and rough soils. It will guarantee a good adhesion with the surface, and you will feel safer walking on the slippery ground. While choosing, ask for non-skid shoes, anti-slip overshoes, ice walkers or other anti-slip footwear.

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2. Be careful stepping on your porch

Use salt or sand on your porch. Probably it is the most favorite place for winter trips and slips. A beautiful icy crust on your porch may let you down in the morning, as soon as you step your foot out of the house. Take care of it before any accident happens, and cover it with salt or sand – they will make the surface rough.

3. Be alarmed

Use the handrails where you can, especially if the area is potentially dangerous. This time of the year it is better to be alarmed more, as you may check the ground twice, tapping it with one foot before keeping walking.

4. Drive carefully

Be prepared for winter driving. Do not forget that slippery road is not just a danger to walkers, but to drivers too. Be sure to take care of your wires, and keep the proper distance on the road, especially on the cross-walks.

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Stay at home! This is the best advice we can give when the weather is nasty and too slippery. Shopping and socializing can wait, but if you feel like these need to be done immediately, use your social media, and Internet stores, or delivery food services. Stay secure and take care of your safety.

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