What Happened To The Teen Idol Of The Late 80-s Tiffany And Where She Is Now

Date December 26, 2017

It is hard to rise again and come back to singing career after the failure. Tiffany, known as the teen icon of the late 80-s with her hit “I think we’re alone now”, woke up famous when the song was released.

The young girl, full of enthusiasm and ambitions, recorder her second album which became platinum-selling.

Although, as it often happens, the beginning of a new decade, altered musical tastes and the outbreak of new singers and bands put Tiffany into the shade, and she seemed to be completely forgotten.

Undoubtedly, such fame is hard to retake. It takes courage and hard work, and true passion for what you do, to keep doing what you love. Tiffany Darwish was such a girl exactly, she did not give up writing songs, holding hope that one say she would come back. And so she did.

In 2001 Tiffany presented her new album, after 6 years of complete silence, it had the symbolic name “The Color of Silence”. It didn’t win any significant awards, but Tiffany had her own devoted fans, her country style music hit many people’s taste, so Tiffany started her tours around America.

At the same time, she surprised fans posing for Playboy.

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Where she is now? She is a singer and songs writes, and an owner of a pretty clothes boutique. She has released 5 albums since she returned, the last one in 2016.

Even when the world forgot its teen idol from the 87, it did not mislead Tiffany from his goal, and music has been remaining her companion for the whole time.

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