Princess Diana - The Loveliest Lessons of Her Passionate Motherhood

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November 21, 2017 18:18 By Mambee

Princess Diana is an iconic figure, one of the most influential woman of the 20th century. She was watched by billion eyes through the TV screens, paparazzi lenses, though she was insusceptible to arrogance or aloofness. She was a mother, and still today her beloved sons, prince William and prince Harry talk of her with warmth and respect. Even despite of unhappy marriage, boys were her sense of life, she was devoted mo, and gave all herself to the last drop.


Each generation differs so much from previous one. Prince Charles was raised inside the palace surrounded by governess. Diana chose another path and got children involved in her every day life, built her schedule considering school days. Not once the photographers were catching the happy moments of the Princess with boys, wearing huge smiles!

When her first son was born she became a confident young mother, whenever the press asked her questions about baby prince she answered eagerly. At the age of 9 months only the young couple took him to Australia, Diana didn’t want to be separated from him even for a day. Back then the young family seemed so happy, Prince Charles was involved in nurturing the baby as his wife insisted, because in her own time she didn’t get such attention from her father.


When prince Harry was born, something went wrong in the family, and the press started counting days when the couple were together. But nothing changed Diana’s passion for motherhood. She made a great impact on boys upbringing, taking them to school instead of choosing home education.

I’ve chosen all the schools, Charles wanted them to be governessed and I said no, they’ve got to go out if they’re going to survive when they’re adults.

She wanted to give them real life, do what other kids do – entertain in the amusement parks, boat along the river, laugh and play tricks with each other, although boys were always haunted by the cameras, the tensed relationships between parents, and the burden of being royalty.Prince Harry remembers:

It was my first time in Florida, Disneyworld… I came there with her, it is one of my very very happy memories.

Now both William and Harry became those men Diana would have been proud of! Prince William follows his mother’s parenting principles in raising his own kids, Prince George and Prince Charlotte. They are not distant and reserved, but on the contrary show tender attention to kids in public.

Do widzenia Polsko! Thank you for a wonderful couple of days in your country ???????? We had a fantastic time! #RoyalVisitPoland

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Prince Harry inherited his mother's talents to winning peoples' hearts, he travels around the world and helps children with HIV/AIDS, fights for children’s rights in every sphere of life.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend this year’s @londonmarathon together for the first time to support runners taking part in their mental health campaign @heads_together, which is this year’s Charity of the Year for the Marathon. All 39,000 Virgin Money London Marathon runners will be given a special Heads Together headband which they can wear on race day to be part of the national movement to end the stigma around mental health once and for all. During the week leading up to the marathon Their Royal Highnesses will attend several events in support of #TeamHeadsTogether - Heads Together wants to make this year’s marathon the ‘mental health marathon’ that gets the country talking about mental health and Their Royal Highnesses will cheer on all runners at points along the route on Marathon day!

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In 2009 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry created their own charity Foundation. They do it for Diana, so that she could never be forgotten. No matter what, she will remain a loving mother in their heart and it is the most important achievement for every woman.

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