Protective Underwear vs. Adult Absorbent Briefs: How To Choose The Right One

Date November 29, 2017

Caring for your beloved family members, we may be very specific about choosing an absorbent product which satisfy our demands. Those adults who are in need of using protection from incontinence  during nights or days can choose between 2 types - protective underwear, or an adult absorbent brief.

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Protective underwear

For more active people who move around, protective underwear is more preferable, it has a pull-on and pull-off option, and more convenient for those who take care about themselves on their own. This product contains core pads which cope with absorbing very well. The band is usually elastic made from breathable materials, they are soft to the skin and do not cause allergy from long using. There is an option to choose underwear with leg cuffs to prevent leaking. One more advantage of this pick is long durability, being on the move up to six hours wont be a problem as underwear suggests reliable protection.

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An adult absorbent brief

Users who have assistance from service workers or family may choose an adult absorbent brief. They have tape construction with tabs on the side and could be fit by size and level of comfort. It is suitable more for night time or for those with low moving activity, but very easy for caregivers to handle.

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Trying different brands will make you understand what works better. While making a choice there are few things which have to be considered

- the right size;

- level of absorbency depending on who will use it and for how long;

- material which is healthy for skin and odor controlling.

The right choice will help you to solve incontinence issue, and make you feel secure and protected, so do not neglect your comfort, and make sure the product you use meets your needs.

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