Unreal Moment: Bride Reduces Groom To Tears As She Sings Walking Down The Aisle


There is no better present that something self-created. This is what Maria Holand Tøsse thought when she got prepared to her own wedding, she chose a song as the wedding present to her groom Ronie Eidsvik.

She walked down the aisle in Alesund Church, beautifully dresses, singing "You Raise Me Up", the song composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden. The groom did not expect such a surprise and could not hold the tears of happiness.


He father led her to the altar, and he happened to sing as well, expressing his concerns about wellness of her daughter, saying “Please take care of her”. The audience reacted with tears, touched by the emotional performance of both, as it also was accompanied by a great music played by professional musicians, and singers. Their special ceremony was filmed by Pettersen medieproduction with 6 cameras and 14 microphones.

Maria surprised everyone – the guests, and her own groom Ronnie. She is a singer in Norway, so no wonder she expressed her feelings at the ceremony through the song.

What an amazing bride!