The Duke And The Duchess Of Cambridge Already Know How To Name Their Baby Girl

Date December 7, 2017

With all the intrigue about Catherine’s Middleton third baby, and the conspiracy about a baby’s sex, The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge may have a baby girl, and the name has been already chosen.

Kate Middleton and Prince Willian are thrilled about the baby's arrival. Despite that, Catherine enjoys her pregnancy to the fullest and looks amazing in her maternity outfits.


Royal biographer Andrew Morton told “The Sun on Sunday”, that if they have a daughter, the royal couple is going to name her Elizabeth Diana Carol Windsor.


Sounds elegant and in a royal style!


They were afraid that putting Diana first, and naming a baby Diana Elizabeth would create a misunderstanding and a hidden displeasure of the royal family, as their relationships with Diana the Princes of Wales were complicated.


The name Carol would be given by Catherine’s mother.

It has been 20 years since Diana had gone, and still, there is not a single day her sons do not think of her. Duke William is willing to pay tribute to his beloved mother, naming a baby after her.

He did it already when he proposed to Catherine – the engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana once, so this way she was involved in the festive occasion as well.

Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, who was very close with Princess Di, shares in her interview that Diana would have been so proud of her boys, of what they have accomplished, and she would have been the naughtiest and the funniest grandmother ever.


Princess Diana can never be forgotten. She continues living in her children and grandchildren. The Duke and the Duchess borrowed few tips from late Diana when it comes to decorating the nursery room. Before Prince William was born, Diana turned to the children's decorating company Dragon's of Walton Street for help to organize a room for a baby. That was the same company's service Prince William used before the arrival of their first child - Prince George.


That's so amazing, her sons honor her memory! Who knows, maybe the future member of the royal family will earn the title of "queen of people's hearts" as well.

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