Conjoined Twins Separated After 6 Months Live Happy Lives Now As Two Adorable Girls

Date March 12, 2019

Conjoined twins occur once in 200,000 births, but only 35% of them survive the first day of their lives. This is the story of how the impossible can be made possible. It’s about the Carlsen sisters, who were born conjoined but successfully went through surgery. At the times of sisters’ separation, 60% of such surgeries have fatal outcomes.

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Six Months Of Hesitation

When Amy and Jesse Carlsen welcomed Abbigail and Isabelle into the world, they were blissed-out. However, they knew that their small princesses were born conjoined - connected from chests to bellies. Isabelle’s heart was beating in Abby’s chest, and the sisters even shared a single liver.

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The Procedure Took 12 Hours And 17 Doctors

The girls’ parents, Amy and Jesse Carlsen, had been sitting with a difficult choice for six months, as they couldn’t decide whether or not the twins should be separated. Finally, they decided to do the surgery at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. The intervention took 12 hours and involved 17 doctors, and, fortunately, it went well.

Consequently, Amy and Jesse Carlsen got to hear news that thrilled them - the surgery was successful, and in two weeks their twins would be ready to come back home and live separate lives. Doctors called sisters’ case a miracle, but it was actually real.

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Now They Live Separate Lives

It’s now been 10 years since the girls were separated.

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Though the girls don’t remember being conjoined, the way they behave and talk reveals everything - they seem to be inseparable even now. They like to do everything side by side.

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Now they’re both healthy, athletic, and happy, sharing common interests like fashion and gymnastics.

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Their parents are watching as their conjoined twins grow into little giggly girls who give them a sense of purpose.

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Today both the girls wear 'One in a Million' necklaces, reminding them of how happy they are.

Though the Carlsens' case seems to be unique, it actually isn’t. Here’s the video with Abby and Isabella Carlsen meeting with three other conjoined twins, who not only survived the surgery but also thrived.

Their experience makes everyone believe in miracles, doesn't it?

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