Wife Mourning Husband Killed On Military Mission Finds A Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter From

Wife Mourning Husband Killed On Military Mission Finds A Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter From Him After The Funeral

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March 22, 2018 15:05 By Mambee

This heartbreaking story is about how to live on after you die, giving your significant others the strength to forge ahead.


She Thought She Wasn't Good Enough

Emma says Todd could have found a girl who loved traditional family values and football, but instead, her military husband found her. Since then, Emma's been used to stifling her obnoxious behavior to become the woman Todd dreamed of.


She wasn't sure she was the person he was seeking, and before she ever had the opportunity to discover whether this romance story could stand the test of time, her world broke apart, bringing her down the emotional seesaw. Time stopped.


Her World Broke Into Pieces

When two uniformed officers appeared in front of Emma Weaver's door, she realized the news wasn't optimistic. Her husband had been overseas in Afghanistan, and the appearance of these two men meant he would not ever come back to give her and their baby daughter a kiss.


It was September 9, 2010, and Emma had already been awakened by the baby. When she found the courage to let the men in uniforms in, the dreaded news was confirmed.


Todd had been killed on a mission that same morning and Emma felt the ground crumble underneath her feet. Emma's little world seemed to be broken.

The Letter Inspiring Her To Stay Strong

Two days after the funeral, she opened Todd's laptop and saw two Word documents called 'Dear Emma' and 'Dear Kiley'. Emma understood her beloved husband had written them goodbye letters in case he died.


So Mrs. Weaver took a deep breath and started reading. The letter began with the words: "Well if you are reading this, I guess I did not make it home and therefore, I was not able to remind you again of how much I love you."


He knew that tough times awaited Mrs. Weaver, so he went on: "I am not gone and I will always be with you in spirit. I know this time must be hard for you but I also know how strong you are." 


And he finished with the words: "Tell her that Daddy is in heaven now and will watch over her and protect her every minute of every day. I love you, Emma. But never be afraid to do what you need to do to be happy."


Though finding hope seems to be impossible, Emma Weaver is making herself do it. In her personal blog, she writes that she will move forward with an open heart, not wearing any kind of mask. She will be honest, remembering Todd and the way he will always be a part of her and Kiley's family.


This sad story shows that we need to stay strong, even when the situation seems to be desperate. It's necessary to find faith and go on in an attempt to balance the lives of those who are beside you. We have no choice but to pull ourselves together and become involved in living life again, even if our significant others are no longer with us.

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