Tiny Chihuahua With A Huge Pregnancy Bump Delivered A Record-Breaking Litter - 11 Baby Puppies

Date March 29, 2018

Do you think that having three or more children is far out? Then let's re-cap the moment this tiny mama Chihuahua broke the Guinness Book of Records by giving birth to a crew of 11 pups.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption Center recently threw a lifeline to a group of chihuahuas, abandoned and left in Kansas on their own.

One of the dogs, with the name Laugh Out Loud, aka 'LOL', had a huge pregnancy bump and was due any minute.

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Thankfully, the Chihuahua was rescued from the awful situation before it was too late.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption / Facebook

Though the average litter size for chihuahua mom is about 5 puppies, LOL gave birth to more than 10. Paradoxically, it happened on National Puppy Day! It's unbelievable!

Unleashed Pet Rescue And Adoption / Facebook

After the labor was over and a happy newly-fledged mom was settling in with her puppies, the foster mom Josie rolled in to check the genders of the babies.

When Josie counted three females and eight males, she realized something didn't add up.

LOL recently delivered 11 babies, and her foster family says it's a record-breaking number.

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The fantastic situation took place at a pet rescue, in Kansas. It took LOL more than 12 hours to deliver 11 puppies, all healthy and strong.

Inside Edition / Youtube

Danielle Reno, pet rescue worker, still cannot believe everything that happened was real:

When we had about eight, we're like 'whoa, she's not done?

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But when they got the news about 11 hale and hearty puppies, they were all shell-shocked.

Unleashed Pet Rescue And Adoption / Facebook

About 10 weeks after the delivery, all LOL's puppies will be ready to meet their new families.