Doctors Explain The Reason Heating Or Baking Food In Aluminum Foil Can Cause Harm To Your Health

Date April 11, 2018

It's hard to believe, but aluminum is one of the most widely distributed metals on Earth. It comes into use when we handle our cookware, kitchen supplies, and drinking water.

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Besides, aluminum finds its application in vanilla powders, baking sodas, aspirins, deodorants, cake mixtures, and a never-ending list of other products as well.

Thus, aluminum is all over the place, but is it safe for our health?

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According to a recent study, aluminum foil is one of the greatest offenders we ignore. In fact, heat makes the aluminum from the foil spread onto foods in quite harmful amounts.

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After foods are cooled, cooked or reheated in aluminum foil, they have much higher levels of aluminum, according to researchers. The problem is that aluminum shouldn't accumulate in our food and doubly so in our body.

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So what makes aluminum so dangerous for our health?

According to a recent study, high levels of aluminum accumulated in the body lead to Alzheimer's and osteoporosis.

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So should we now eliminate the use of aluminum in cooking? Of course, not!

Researchers noted that aluminum foil bears no risks if used to wrap cold foods.

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Leaching was observed only after heating, regardless of whether the dull or shiny side of the foil contacted the food.

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The whole story doesn't end there, however. Aluminum finds its application in a number of various food additives, which are commonly used in restaurant foods all over the world.

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Thus, the use of aluminum is so widespread that we cannot evaluate the risks properly.

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However, the bottom line is that aluminum isn't like iron, which our body actually needs. Our organism doesn't require aluminum at all. Thus, it's much better off without it.

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If you want to stay healthy as long as possible, here are several steps to follow:

1. Make sure you use aluminum foil only to wrap cold foods but not to cook them.

2. Cut out processed foods, as they may contain aluminum.

3. Buy hygiene and kitchen products with the label 'aluminum free'. Yes, they actually exist.