Heavily Pregnant Kate Middleton Heads Down The Aisle Again - She Was Spotted In A Supermarket With Huge Bags (Just Like Us)


April 4, 2018 15:13 By Mambee

As the saying goes: stars, they're just like us! When it comes to the British royal family, they sometimes shake up the world with how down-to-earth and easy-as-pie they can be!


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Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen doing her ordinary shopping, and that became a thunder-clap for royal devotees.


Kate Middleton was doing her shopping at one of her favorite supermarkets, Waitrose in Norfolk. Even though Kate's almost ready to welcome a child and her delivery is a matter of a few days, she hits the grocery store like an ordinary human being.


The-soon-to-be mother of her third child was doing her shopping like a pro. What's even more, she loaded all the bags on her own, rocking her pregnancy bump.

A fellow shopper took a photo of Kate on their iPhone, saying Prince William's wife bought either parsley or coriander with a '25% off' label!

marinini / Shutterstock.com

During the recent outing, the Duchess was wearing a low-key look with elegant heeled boots, black skinnies, and a coat of dusty-rose color.

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A royal officer accompanied the Duchess on her shopping trip, and a fellow shopper captured him standing nearby in the parking lot.

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com

Kate loaded the shopping bags into her Range Rover while the royal officer stood next to her.

Kensingtonroyal / Instagram

The fellow shopper who took the photos of Kate reported that seeing Prince William's wife was a pretty 'surreal experience', as royals don't seem to be the same as ordinary people.


The woman who took the picture of the Duchess says that she said 'hello' to Kate, and the Duchess replied 'Hi, hello'.


Though it's quite unusual for members of the British royal family to do their routine activities in public, Kate is known to have a relatively normal, down-to-earth lifestyle, which has hardly changed after her marriage to Prince William.

Royals are just like us, aren't they?

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