Kids Living Life In The Fast Lane: Two-Year-Old Toddler Drives His Petrol Powered Speed Boat Like A Pro!

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April 9, 2018 13:17 By Mambee

Watching how kids grow and develop is such an unexplainable feeling, especially when in some fields children manage to move at a faster speed than adults!

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This 2-year-old boy has his own mini speed boat and he sure knows how to handle it, tilting the boat on the waves as well as or even better than any adult.

mart300r / Youtube

It seems like the boy's in love with water sports, and driving his mini boat is truly his passion.

mart300r / Youtube

This mini version of a speed boat is a replica of a Lewis boomerang ski-boat.

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Considering the relatively small size of the boat, it's more likely to be a toy for the two-year-old. However, the boat is a full-blown machine.

Chepko Danil Vitalevich /

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It's powered by petrol and built with a two-stroke water cooled engine. Additionally, the hull of the boat is made from aluminum, and the design is like that of a real speed boat

mart300r / Youtube

The boat is a replica of an existing vessel. Originally, the boat looked like this:

mart300r / Youtube

Now it looks even more impressive.

mart300r / Youtube

Where did a little boy get this unique water-riding auto? His father made it for him from scratch, teaching his little boy how to be a stand up guy!

Aleksei Potov /

Not only does the boy handle his boat perfectly, but also he winds it onto the trailer.

mart300r / Youtube

And, of course, he washes his speed boat independently, without his father's help, like a real man.

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His father's YouTube channel, where he posted the video of his son's driving skills, has gained approximately 10,000 subscribers! Now thousands of fathers all over the world know what gift to buy their sons.

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