Neglected Cat Was Imprisoned By 5 Pounds Of His Own Matted Fur - His Amazing Recovery Made Him An Internet Star

Date March 29, 2018 18:28

Sinbad, a neglected Persian feline, underwent a transformation that is hard to believe!

The cat was rescued by an elderly investigator who found Sinbad in a Chicago basement:

The cat looked pretty neglected with a coat of filth and fur doubling his size. Sinbad bore a surprising resemblance to a matted, tangled, five-pound mess of garbage.

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After two rounds of haircuts, Sinbad was finally released from his fur prison and piles of filthy hair that had increased his weight twofold.

Though the hair-cutting procedure was pretty time-consuming, Sinbad sweated it out in a bid to break free from his furry shackles.

After the hair-cutting and bath were over, Sinbad was seen playfully scurrying around the cat tree.

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

What adds a remarkable touch to Sinbad's rescue story is his relationship with his foster parent Elliot.

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

When they were first getting to know one another, Elliot only wanted to be Sinbad's foster parent until the Persian feline found a new home. However, a week after New Year's Elliot understood he couldn't let this neglected furball go.

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Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

Now Elliot is formally adopting Sinbad, keeping track of the cat's recovery on the feline's personal Instagram page with almost 13 thousand followers!

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

Sinbad's story shows how important it is to lend a willing hand to those who are left to their fate. Now Sinbad is an Instagram star, a loving pet, and a pretty attractive boy!