Neglected Cat Was Imprisoned By 5 Pounds Of His Own Matted Fur - His Amazing Recovery Made Him An Internet Star

Date March 29, 2018

Sinbad, a neglected Persian feline, underwent a transformation that is hard to believe!

The cat was rescued by an elderly investigator who found Sinbad in a Chicago basement:

The cat looked pretty neglected with a coat of filth and fur doubling his size. Sinbad bore a surprising resemblance to a matted, tangled, five-pound mess of garbage.

After two rounds of haircuts, Sinbad was finally released from his fur prison and piles of filthy hair that had increased his weight twofold.

Though the hair-cutting procedure was pretty time-consuming, Sinbad sweated it out in a bid to break free from his furry shackles.

After the hair-cutting and bath were over, Sinbad was seen playfully scurrying around the cat tree.

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

What adds a remarkable touch to Sinbad's rescue story is his relationship with his foster parent Elliot.

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

When they were first getting to know one another, Elliot only wanted to be Sinbad's foster parent until the Persian feline found a new home. However, a week after New Year's Elliot understood he couldn't let this neglected furball go.

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

Now Elliot is formally adopting Sinbad, keeping track of the cat's recovery on the feline's personal Instagram page with almost 13 thousand followers!

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

Sinbad's story shows how important it is to lend a willing hand to those who are left to their fate. Now Sinbad is an Instagram star, a loving pet, and a pretty attractive boy!

Sinbad The Cat / Instagram

Good luck, Sinbad!