Royal Genes Run Their Course: Do You See The Unique Resemblance Between Princess Charlotte and Lady Diana?

Date March 16, 2018 15:00

Have you seen these adorable photos of Princess Charlotte?

Kensington Palace / Instagram

On January 8, the world saw the photos from Princess Charlotte's first day of nursery school. The two-year-old girl, dressed in a red coat, pink scarf, and Mary Jane shoes, perfectly worked the camera, adding a pinch of sass to the portraits taken by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kensington Palace / Instagram

Along with Princess Charlotte's exquisite elegance and ability to work the camera, some eagle-eyed aficionados spotted the remarkable resemblance between Princess Charlotte and her late grandmother Princess Diana.

Do you also see it? Big eyes, a cheeky smirk, and golden hair, which makes them so unbelievably similar.


Here the young princess is captured by a photographer with her mom, the Duchess Catherine.


What Else Makes Them So Similar?

Lady Diana was homeschooled at Buckingham Palace in the early years, that’s why she doesn’t have as many childhood portraits as Princess Charlotte does.


However, the sovereign does have a lot of photos showing obvious similarities between the Queen and Princess Charlotte. For instance, take a look at this one.

Any Similarities In Style?

As a child, Princess Diana also loved Mary Jane shoes, peacoats, and stockings, wearing the same short curly bob. What can we say, royal genes run their course.

Embed from Getty Images

Recently, unseen home movies from the childhood of Princess Diana were shown to the public.  Diana's brother Charles released them for 'The Story Of Diana' - a movie showing Diana's life path from a carefree child to an international icon. In the video below, the similarities between Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte are evident.


Just look at her short sunkissed hair, puffy cheeks, and favorite Mary Janes, adding a bit of elegance to each look.

Now we simply cannot wait for new photos of little Princess Charlotte to see how she bears resemblance as she grows up.


Maybe she’ll also inherit her mother’s perfect hair. Taking after your mother and grandmother is not really bad, especially if they are royal family members.

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