Remember This Picture Taken 20 Years Ago? It Captures Princess Diana And Two Boys. Contrary To Popular Opinion, They Aren't Her Sons, William And Harry. So Who Are They?


April 2, 2018 12:50 By Mambee

Remember the picture of Princess Diana with two children? Who are they? If the thought about her children, William and Harry, still pops into your head, take a look at this tweet, posted by royal family.



Nearly 20 years ago, this photo was published across the world, telling people a story that tore millions of hearts to pieces. 14-year Zarco Peric and 12-year Malic Bradaric lost their feet due to a landmine.


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A couple dozen years down the line, the German tabloid 'Bild' asks Zarko to recollect his memories of Princess Diana.


Though so many years have passed, Zarko still remembers 'how beautiful and kind she was'. In addition, Peric said that he couldn't believe a person of such importance could be so simple.


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Many other people around Zarko had much bigger egos than Princess Diana. In addition, Zarko said:


She was just very kind and gentle, but on the other hand, she had a lot of strength. I had the feeling that she could change the world. She promised to never forget about us.



And Princess Diana stood by her promise, as Zarko Peric was part of a three-member delegation officially invited to Diana's burial.

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When Zarko Peric asked what he would say to Princess Diana today if she was still alive, he said:


I would tell her to keep doing what she did so brilliantly, and it is to help the weak, sick and unprivileged people. That is the reason why she was so loved and respected.

Being a mother and a public figure is such a hard task. That is why we have to appreciate mothers when we can. Here is another powerful video story for you.

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