Queen Elizabeth Rarely Wears Trousers But She Chose To Wear Them For These Special Occasions!

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Off the top of your head, you probably can't remember a time when Queen Elizabeth wore trousers. This is because she favors dresses and skirts for public engagements.


She is also known for bright colors, coupled with matching hats and coats.


Apart from personal style, the Queen may also be following royal traditions when it comes to her fashion choices. This is because royal women usually wear skirts or dresses while they are on duty.


You may have noticed that Kate Middleton follows this tradition a lot of the time too, as she is rarely pictured in trousers herself.


So when has the Queen worn trousers, and why? Check out these five instances.

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1. Before she wore the crown

Here, a young Princess Elizabeth, aged 14, can be seen with her sister, Princess Margaret, in 1940 at Windsor castle.

2. In New Zealand

This was back in 1970. The Queen was on a royal tour of New Zealand with Prince Philip.

3. In Africa

This rare photo of Queen Elizabeth letting loose during a safari in Zambia says a lot. She and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh were there in 1979 and she was spotted in a pair of beige trousers.

4. When she went horse-riding

The Queen's love for horse riding is not a secret. This photo was taken in 1982 and she looked quite comfortable in jodhpurs while riding Burmese, her horse. She was at Windsor Great Park with President Reagan.

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5. Windsor horse show

Clearly, when she's around horses, Queen Elizabeth loves to get a little casual. Check her out as she rocks this chic green jodhpurs, which she paired with a matching tweed jacket and headscarf. The photo was taken in 1988.


Even though she has not worn a pair of trousers in years, it's pretty great to see how she looked quite comfy in them. However, we have come to love her colorful style, as well.

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