'Share Tables' Are Being Used In Schools To Keep Food From Wasting And Feed Hungry Children

Date November 22, 2017

Several schools across the United States are now setting up 'share tables' so as to manage food wastage and give hungry kids a chance to get something to eat.

The students are encouraged to place any unopened food they do not want to eat on these tables. The share table is then open for other children to pick whatever they want. Any leftover food at the end of the day is taken to a nearby food bank or given to charity.

Several schools across the country started introducing these 'share tables' in their establishment after receiving a memo from the United States Department of Agriculture in 2016. The USDA described it as an "innovative strategy to encourage the consumption of nutritious foods and reduce food waste.

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One school in Florida, Aloma Elementary recently introduced the programme. The leftover food was taken to a nearby church. As a result of this, 100 homeless people were fed every week in the area. This would have been food that would have ended up in the dumpsters.

Because the table is open to all the kids, there is no stigma attached so less-fortunate kids so not have to feel self-conscious about walking over and getting something to eat.

It is the hope that more schools will adopt the share table programme in their respective cafeterias as, so far, many positive stories have been reported. In addition to helping those in need, the share tables also serve as a way to teach children about the importance of giving back.

Source: ScaryMommy