Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant With Triplets A Couple Of Weeks After Her Husband Passed Away

Date October 18, 2017

Telling your partner that you're pregnant is usually a pretty special moment. But for this woman, she, unfortunately, had to give her husband this news at his funeral.

Courtney Hill and her husband, Brian had been trying very hard to have a second child. It was around this time that Brian, a trucker, got in an accident and lost his life. That must have been such a devastating time for the wife to go through but there were more surprises in store for her. 

Days after her husband died, on the day of his wake to be precise, Courtney found out she was pregnant. We imagine she must have felt a whole lot of emotions at the time. The couple already had one baby girl named Reagan, and the fact that she was expecting for the second time would have made her husband, a retired Navy veteran very happy.

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Speaking in an interview, Courtney said she had no choice but to hold his hand at his wake and give him the news. While still dealing with so many emotions which can be made even more complicated as a result of pregnancy, Courtney found out she was actually pregnant with triplets.

The wife and mother chose to only focus on the positives from them on. She said;


I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him.


Unfortunately, that was not to be as a few months into her pregnancy, Courtney dealt with a devastating loss. One of the triplets, who she named Brady, did not make it to term. This was another difficult time for the mum who was still reeling from the death of her husband. However, she continued to maintain a positive spirit. She said on Facebook:


Since the loss of my husband, Brian, and my son Brady, I have been on a long mental and physical health journey to ensure that I am able to be the best Mother and provide the best future for my three children.


Thankfully, the remaining two little ones survived until they were delivered in September 2016.

Miles was born at 12:59 am and Harper made her debut into the world at 1:04 am, Courtney Facebook page said. She also added that they were healthy.

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Courtney's sister, Amanda, set up a Gofundme page where she appealed to people to contribute towards helping the Hill family and they have been able to raise over $41,000 of their $50,000 goal thanks to donations from kind-hearted people.

We wish Courtney, Reagan and the two little ones all the best as they continue on.